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This is uncharted territory.

The notion of running my own blog would, not so very long ago, earn a hearty scoff. Sure, I have writing that yearns for a place to exist. I have thoughts and stories that are worth sharing. (Any artist who thinks otherwise ought to question their line of work.) But I am the same disenfranchised creator who calls the social media grouping on her phone the Doom Center, who feels her soul green and fester when the nightmare screen blinks with bright colors and targeted ads for items I swear I only thought and didn't search, and who has long dreaded that no one in the suffocatingly mundane, ever-expanding, ego-centric online universe would care all that much that I have a blog.

And I might be right about that.

So I'm trying something new: I am going to dedicate this space to pieces of short fiction, to reviews of books I think are worth your time, and to small updates on my personal position within the chaos. I am going to experiment with vulnerability; I am going to be candid about where I am in my own journey, and that does frighten me a bit. But if I'm not willing to take that risk, then I will certainly not be worth your time.

As of now, I cannot say where this site will take me. It could get weird. But I suppose the worst that can happen is I find myself exactly where I began, on this day at the turn of a new year.

So let's begin.

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