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My identity as a storyteller has taken on several forms. Years ago I got my start as a songwriter and composer, under the name of Tana Victoria. I played festivals, composed sound libraries, licensed my songs for feature films, and scored for indie short films (ranging from romantic comedy to surrealist, to historical drama). Writing stories, meanwhile, was a hobby I kept close and kept quiet.

And then, back in 2016, something switched and I finally found the right story, and I gave myself permission. 

Because I had been writing stories since I could hold a pencil, and they were always filled with magic and curses and secondary worlds. Those were the stories that have always called to me. I drafted the first book, which sprouted a sequel, which then hurled straight past a trilogy and into a full blown saga. 


Since then I've written two more completed manuscripts, which are on their way to be queried this fall. In the meanwhile, I'm gonna keep writing songs, inhaling books, scribbling out spooky comics, and pretend I know who's driving this thing. 

I'm going to keep writing the stories I want to read, and I'm going to fill them with unsung people who deserve to be the heroes of their own narratives. 

- Tana V.

[Gender is made up and the points don't matter, so she/they, either way.]

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