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I’m a compassionate editor of fiction and non-fiction alike, and a devoted nerd with a specialty in storytelling, fantasy, and music. Services include: line-editing, developmental editing, beta reading, proof reading, and book coaching.

My Style

I am a passionate, hands-on editor eager to collaborate with writers to find the heart of their stories, whether that's through the big-picture developmental stages or the finer line-edits. I will point out inconsistencies, ask questions within the text to bring awareness to potential problems, highlight the text's strengths as well as areas for improvement, while always striving to frame these thoughts with compassion. This is your baby; you have spent unthinkable time, energy, and spirit to bring it into the world. The least I can do is handle it with care.

As an author myself, I know too well the snow-blindness of re-reading and editing one's own words. Everyone needs a second pair of eyes to shine light on all that glitters. My goal is to help you craft the best version of the story you are trying to tell, and above all else, to make you, the author, excited about revisions.

Fantasy is my wheelhouse. It was my first love as a reader and the genre I write in predominantly. From grounded fantasy, magical realism, historical, to the highest of high fantasies. Give me your monsters, your mythology, your living cities, your prophecies and whimsy. Take me to another world or show me the magic in our own. I accept books in the YA to Adult age range and love most all varieties of genre fiction. I edit standard fiction, as well, but I'm not usually the best fit for literary fiction, military fiction, or kitchen sink dramas.


Supported by a degree in music and my experience as a composer, I welcome music-centered nonfiction as well. My foundation in music theory and composition has allowed me to write and edit numerous music reviews, articles, and books. I enjoy bringing a narrative lens to non-fiction books and breathe a little life and storytelling into works that might otherwise tend toward dry.

My Genres


the national's boxer by ryan pinkard
shoegaze by ryan pinkard
where theres a will, there's a way by erin sievers
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